We usually get calls from companies who need to print ID cards for the first time. They call us to learn details about ID card printers and software and, most of the time, they underestimate what it costs to do something like this.

Card printers are more expensive than other types of printers. After all, you can walk into Jarir Store and buy a paper printer for about 250 SAR, so the average person has no reason to believe card printers would cost more than the average printer. But, they do.

Card printers range from about 3000 SAR to over 20000 SAR – and that doesn’t even include the ID software, ID camera, printer supplies, lanyards, etc. ID card printers are much more specialized and advanced than the average paper printer. It takes a different technology to print onto a plastic card, much different than the basic printer that prints on paper. So, yes, card printers cost more money.

A “Less Expensive” paper printer is 250 SAR. A “Less Expensive” card printer is 3,500 SAR. You wouldn’t expect a 250 SAR paper printer to perform very well or last very long and the same applies to card printers. While 3,500 SAR is a lot of money, it’s nothing for a card printer. If you’re making a large investment for your company, be sure it will perform as you need it to and be sure it is the right printer for your particular application.

Do you want a robust, reliable single-sided card printer? Expect to spend a minimum of 5,000 SAR and over 10,000 SAR for a dual-sided card printer. Add a minimum of 1,000 SAR on top of that for the remaining items – software, ID cards, camera, supplies, etc. At KMD Saudi, we’ve never received a call from someone who regretted spending more money up front for a good printer. But unfortunately, we have received hundreds of calls from people using cheap printers who end up purchasing a new printer – the printer they should have purchased initially. Give us a call at 0597902072. We promise we won’t “sell” you but rather guide you toward an ID card printer that will best accommodate your unique needs!

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